Greg & Loree

What a fun wedding to shoot! I was asked by a fellow photographer and friend, Ben Sklar, to assist him at a wedding a couple weekends ago. I had never met Loree or Greg, so this was a new experience for me. Normally, I meet the bride and groom and develop a relationship with them, but that wasn’t the case this time – but it didn’t matter.  They were fantastic, very relaxed, easy-going people.

Loree and Greg’s ceremony took place at St Elias Eastern Orthodox Church on 11th Street. I’ve never shot an Orthodox wedding before and I have to say it was quite beautiful. The church was stunning! Incredibly ornate and had something that every photographer dreams of – an abundance of windows letting in the afternoon sun! The ceremony took about 45 minutes or so and was definitely a beautiful experience.

After the ceremony I rode along with Ben to the Capitol grounds where we took some portraits of the newlyweds before heading downtown to Parkside on 6th and San Jacinto.

All in all it was a wonderful experience and I wish Greg and Loree all the best in the years to come.