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Vista West Ranch Wedding – The Guys

Weddings often focus on the bride – and that’s okay, that’s the way it should be!

But the guys have to get ready too, and sometimes it’s more than just throwing on a jacket, sometimes the groom’s sister gets to be her brother’s personal hairdresser!    Then just before the ceremony began, the groomsmen gathered around the groom, each laying a hand on him and prayed:  prayed for his family, his bride-to-be, his marriage, and for his future roles as husband and father.

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Kruger’s Diamond Jewelers

Well Valentine’s Day is almost here guys!  If you’re shopping for an engagement ring or need to get rings adjusted, check out Austin’s own Kruger’s Diamond Jewelers at 8th & Congress in downtown or at the Barton Creek Mall.   An Austin tradition, Kruger’s Jewelers has been serving Austin and the central Texas area since 1906.

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